A hard day

So today I woke up today feeling a little down. I’ll be honest with you guys I relapsed and partied a few days ago. I feel terrible about myself. Knowing I should of said no knowing I would just hate myself when I did. I’m also in a little debt due to letting someone borrow 500 dollars! So in most people’s eyes I have a reason to be upset. I’m in the hole someone owes me money I lost my job due to smoking weed (which is my own fault)! Now this is where we have to beat depression accept what has happened accept responsibility for our actions! Now don’t feel sorry for yourself don’t search for pity! It’s okay to cry some it happens but you have to tell yourself it’s okay. We all make dumb mistakes some more than others but your still a good person your still alive today so God has something still planned for you. You may be starting at the beginning again but my king and queens take it one day at a time! Cause I promise you everything will be okay and your not the same person you were 15 seconds ago


Holidays should I stay or should I go!

Now I know if any of the readers struggle with depression you know what the holidays can be like. The anxiety on what to wear (mostly for woman but you know I like to be fresh) or the anxiety of if someone in the family is gonna bring up old problems. I know we all been there. I have stayed home many of holidays. Honestly as I’m writing this now idk if I’ll visit my family on Easter or not! I’ll tell you all tho if you want to beat this sadness that’s inside you. Get up my kings and queens put on them nice ass clothes. Cause I know that voice in your head says stay home hide from the world no body likes you anyway! Stop listening to the bullshit lies your subconscious tries to tell you. The world needs to see your face the world needs to see your beautiful smile. People around you need u to be strong. Cause maybe st the end of the day you gave them strength. All because you said in your sad time on a holiday fuck you depression I should Go

You have greatness in you

I know sometimes the voice in your head tells you you’re not good enough! Stop right there! That’s not true! I know some people closest to you tell you that you can’t make it! You can’t achieve your dreams you can’t beat this depression! Stop listening to the noise block it out! Don’t let society’s label on you define who you are! Anyone reading this know that God loves you I love you! That you all are kings and queen with the burning desire to be a hero like we all truly desire to be inside! Know that you are greatness you are the hero of your story! Start being that hero start achieving what the world thinks you can’t! Even if it takes looking yourself in the mirror telling yourself compliments everyday! I need you all to know your not alone and you do matter! I wanna read about the hero who is reading this one day! I wanna smile at the achievements the hero who read this one day achieved! Keep on fighting the fight my fellow humans one love! #BeatDepression #SuicideAwareness

My story

Hello Everyone my name is Anthoney Morris I’m 25 years old. I’m from Cleveland Ohio and live in West Virginia. So you know I have a little bit of Hood and country in me 😅! I’m here to tell you a little about myself an about something serious called depression! I was born to a single mother who had me at 16. So a kid was raising a kid. My mother had gotten with my sibling’s dad when I was 2. He was a very mean drunk. So about the very beginning of my life I started with hardship of seeing my mom get beat and at 4 he started to hit me too. I couldn’t defend myself I couldn’t help my mother. Once she got pregnant when I was 8. He no longer beat her and only beat me. I started to reach out in school to girls and teachers because guys looked as your weak when you breakdown. My mom always took his side and would change schools. I never went to a school more than one year until I was in 7th grade. My mom went as far to tell each school I was a compulsive lair. I felt so broken an alone at such a young age! The start of my depression was being to weak to protect myself, not being able to be a kid and have friends cause your kept at home by a monster! Finally once she left him when I was 12 and we moved to West Virginia! I finally was free but being so young I didn’t know I had anger and depression I had bottled up since I was young! I started playing football it brought me love and friends! But not true happiness cause I didn’t know any better yet. Once I was in high school i started partying being the jock who everyone liked! They called me N word Tony (went to a very white school) but everyone knew my name how crazy I was my little sister still gets told about it! I was hiding my pain in partying truly i was depressed and didn’t wanna be in reality. Once school was over the depression truly came out over time of broken engagements and relapses in drug addictions! I had hit rock bottom so many times broken and depressed wanting to blow my brains out! I felt as no one cared not even my own family. But this wasn’t true but I couldn’t convince myself that it wasn’t! Once I found God he changed my heart. He helped let me know he and others care about me! That I have my purpose on this earth and one of them is to use my story to help change others lives. So to anyone reading this know your not alone. That I know what it feels like to be alone! Know that I care that I will listen if you reach out. Do not take your life don’t pass your pain on to those who care about you! I personally if I heard about your sucide I would hurt even tho I didn’t know you because I would feel I could of did something somehow to reach that person! You have to admit it to someone! You have to try to talk about it some people will laugh maybe but just know ur not alone someone will listen don’t give up! Everyday you get up look yourself in the mirror know you can and will beat this depression! Change you mindset because I promise you that you matter! I was just like you one time ( sometimes I still fall and wanna lay down) you have to get back up and learn from your failures. Maybe your story and you beating your depression is part of your purpose like me! My story has helped save a few of my friends from suicide. So know your hurt actually makes you a strong and impactful person! Don’t lay down and cry about it feeling sorry for yourself! I care about you and I care enough to tell you the same thing I had to tell myself. No body can beat this except you people care and it’s okay to hurt but we can’t live in past and keep feeling sorry searching for pity! I have to win for all the others I could save by telling them how I won and if I someone who came from nothing can win! I know you beautiful kings and queens can do the same! I love you God bless. Please give some feedback if you can I’m practicing motivational speaking for depression.

P.s if your really feeling down please don’t take your life. Give me one chance to speak to you if your that down! You can reach me at anytime text or call 304-460-4995! Idc if it’s 4 am if your that down I don’t need sleep that bad!