You have greatness in you

I know sometimes the voice in your head tells you you’re not good enough! Stop right there! That’s not true! I know some people closest to you tell you that you can’t make it! You can’t achieve your dreams you can’t beat this depression! Stop listening to the noise block it out! Don’t let society’s label on you define who you are! Anyone reading this know that God loves you I love you! That you all are kings and queen with the burning desire to be a hero like we all truly desire to be inside! Know that you are greatness you are the hero of your story! Start being that hero start achieving what the world thinks you can’t! Even if it takes looking yourself in the mirror telling yourself compliments everyday! I need you all to know your not alone and you do matter! I wanna read about the hero who is reading this one day! I wanna smile at the achievements the hero who read this one day achieved! Keep on fighting the fight my fellow humans one love! #BeatDepression #SuicideAwareness

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