A hard day

So today I woke up today feeling a little down. I’ll be honest with you guys I relapsed and partied a few days ago. I feel terrible about myself. Knowing I should of said no knowing I would just hate myself when I did. I’m also in a little debt due to letting someone borrow 500 dollars! So in most people’s eyes I have a reason to be upset. I’m in the hole someone owes me money I lost my job due to smoking weed (which is my own fault)! Now this is where we have to beat depression accept what has happened accept responsibility for our actions! Now don’t feel sorry for yourself don’t search for pity! It’s okay to cry some it happens but you have to tell yourself it’s okay. We all make dumb mistakes some more than others but your still a good person your still alive today so God has something still planned for you. You may be starting at the beginning again but my king and queens take it one day at a time! Cause I promise you everything will be okay and your not the same person you were 15 seconds ago

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